A boutique culinary service, providing delicious curated “stewpots”, and other food experiences in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Marcia Olivia Wright, Esq.
Culinary Artist | Stewologist

Lawyer by day, curator of delicious stew pots by night. Healer, Traveler, Lover, Wordsmith, Adventure Enthusiast, Health Nut, Pure Genius & Magic Maker in the kitchen! Finds joy in exploring every fruit, vegetable, legume, and edible thing growing from Mama Earth that she can get her little, curious hands on!

Our Philosophy


Preparing great food is an art. It is like painting on a blank canvas with the most vibrant colors. Sweet Mossie’s strives for creativity and the perfect blend of fresh herbs and spices. We place emphasis on local, sustainable, and organic ingredients whenever possible, always providing the best food the season has to offer. Sweet Mossie’s promotes healthy living and eating. The great news is, to eat and live healthy does not mean depriving your pallet of great flavors.


“One should take a moment each day to indulge in something delicious.”

– Marcia O. Payne


After you contact us to express interest in our service, we will schedule a personal consultation to discuss food preferences, dietary restrictions, health needs and food allergies. While we are committed to creating a culinary experience catered to your pallet, we will not depart from our mission of serving whole, fresh, seasonal ingredients that are lovingly prepared. We ask all of our clients to be adventurous and open to the true Sweet Mossie’s culinary experience. Let us explore with you the endless array of possibilities.